Find Candidates with Proven Business English Proficiency

English communication skills are vital to staying competitive in today’s global business environment. By measuring potential employees’ business English proficiency with high-quality assessments, you can ensure you are building a workforce with the necessary skills to expand your organization globally. Watch the video to see how requiring TOEIC scores can help your hiring process.


"English-language proficiency is a skill of paramount importance… we use the TOEIC® test as a tool to determine employees' English-proficiency level."

Elizabeth Gonzalez,
Talent Attraction and Development Manager,
Eli Lilly (Mexico)

"The advantage the TOEIC® test offers our company is evaluating and classifying the English level of our staff, therefore it helps us assessing potentials accordingly."

Amine Hamdad,
Head of Internal Communications and Events,
Renault (Algeria)

"We believe the TOEIC® [test] will effectively improve our employees' English language skills, providing a solid foundation for China Southern Airlines' international operations."

Li Tongjiang,
Vice General Manager of Human Resources,
China Southern Airlines (China)

Used by more than 14,000 organizations in more than 160 countries, the TOEIC® program is the global standard English-language assessment that gives you the reliable, comprehensive and comparable data you need to make better-informed decisions on hiring, promotions and assigning the best people to roles where English skills matter the most.

The TOEIC tests assess candidates across the four key English skills of speaking, writing, reading and listening for the workplace, with scores mapped to CEFR levels. This provides the comprehensive and comparable data to quickly identify quality candidates with the right language skills needed to be of value to your organization. Scores can also provide meaningful information to help develop the skills your employees need to succeed, while demonstrating the effectiveness of your language training program and the ROI it generates. With the TOEIC program, you can strengthen your talent pool with meaningful data and build a more skilled workforce for your organization.


Discover how FullChamp Technologies Co. Ltd used the TOEIC® program to increase corporate competitiveness and transition to globalization.

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For corporations, the TOEIC score reports can provide meaningful information to help organizations:

  • Make evidence-based, efficient decisions when hiring, promoting, and assigning people to roles where English skills matter the most
  • Focus on the skills employees need to be successful and strengthen the organization’s talent pool
  • Monitor and demonstrate the effectiveness of the organization’s English-language proficiency programs, processes and decisions


Learn more about the ways Government and Public Organizations are using the TOEIC® program to help improve the English-language proficiency of citizens worldwide.

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