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TOEIC® Program Industry Usage

The TOEIC® program is the trusted global standard of English proficiency for workplace and everyday communication skills. Watch our video to learn more about the variety of top global corporations and industries around the world that benefit from their use of the TOEIC program.

09 April 2020

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TOEIC® Student Volunteer Video: 23rd Sumo World Championships

Student volunteers at the 23rd Sumo World Championships in Osaka, Japan were recruited based on their TOEIC® scores and acted as interpreters for the players from nearly 30 countries, using their English communication skills.

09 March 2020

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Falling Through the Cracks Whitepaper

The creators of the TOEIC® Program partnered with Ipsos Public Affairs to conduct a global survey of multinational companies around the world to assess their perspective on business challenges to global expansion.

01 September 2017

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The Globalization of Japan

Japan has a rich history of innovation that has secured its leadership on the world stage and its economic future.

01 November 2015

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CITI: The global talent exchange

English proficiency enables Citi to move talent to other offices worldwide and ensure effective communication.

01 September 2014

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Sykes: Business is calling for English

Learn why SYKES made English a priority and set proficiency requirements for recruitment and employee development.

01 May 2014

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