TOEIC Taiwan Testimonial Oliver


Video duration: 2:46


My name is Tzu-Lung Shiu, and everyone call me Oliver. I am from Taiwan, and my hometown is in Taichung. Currently, I am working in the biggest construction company which is called CTCI Group in Taiwan. My job title is the Project Control Engineer. Nice to meet you. The English proficiency is quite significant in my career, because I need to utilize English every day. We have the engineering team, the procurement team, and also the construction team. Most of the time, we need to discuss with our clients, or our vendors, or subcontractors with English.

English proficiency is quite important in the international company. Having a good TOEIC score really give me more a chance to develop in my career. For example, soon I have the opportunity to enter this big company in Taiwan. I also have the chance to working abroad with the TOEIC. The other hand is like when I change in the department, I also utilize my English abilities with the TOEIC test.

I think TOEIC test is really beneficial for me to have a good result in my career. The TOEIC is like a benchmark of the English ability, or the level. The majority of our colleagues utilize the English test to enter my company is the TOEIC. Most of the enterprise will define the score of the TOEIC can represent your English level, and we have a benchmark like the 550 scores. If you didn't get this score, or maybe you don't have the interview opportunities.

Definitely I would recommend a TOEIC test to my friends, especially someone they want to work abroad or work in foreign companies in Taiwan. Compared with other English tests, I think the TOEIC test is much more useful, because most of the TOEIC-- the topic of the TOEIC is involved with the business. If you have the better score, then you can enter the more international big companies in Taiwan.