"Chosun University's aim is to ensure that students have the TOEIC® scores companies are asking for."

Suh Chae-Hong,
Chosun University (South Korea)

"Using the TOEIC® test scores also help evaluate exit level of students for graduation requirement precisely"

Dinh Le Vu,
Deputy Manager of Academic Department,
Ho Chi Minh City University of Law (Vietnam)

"TOEIC® scores allow us not only to compare test takers to each other, but also to compare test takers from year to year. This allows us to set precise objectives for the upcoming year."

Mrs. Emilie Cleret,
Head of the English Language Office,
École de Guerre (France)

The TOEIC® tests assess candidates across four key English language skill areas, with scores mapped to CEFR levels. Based on rigorous research and uncompromising standards, the TOEIC tests provide the comprehensive and comparable data you need to make better-informed decisions on student admissions, placement and existing, as well as demonstrate the effectiveness of your English language programs.

The TOEIC® program helps to create a cycle of success. It allows you to accurately screen applicants and target teaching resources to improve the overall standard of English among your student body. In turn, graduates leave your institution better prepared for the workplace, enhancing your institution’s reputation with employers and attracting stronger performing applicants. Recognized internationally as the definitive English-language assessment and used worldwide by over 14,000 organizations, the TOEIC program is the gold-standard test to prepare today’s gold-standard students.

Nissin: Using One Language to Go Global

Nissin case study: To understand the overseas market at a granular level and then communicate these learnings to their marketers and manufacturers, Nissin relies on an English-proficient workforce.

01 October 2015

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