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Falling Through the Cracks Whitepaper

The creators of the TOEIC® Program partnered with Ipsos Public Affairs to conduct a global survey of multinational companies around the world to assess their perspective on business challenges to global expansion.

01 September 2017

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The Globalization of Japan

Japan has a rich history of innovation that has secured its leadership on the world stage and its economic future.

01 November 2015

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CITI: The global talent exchange

English proficiency enables Citi to move talent to other offices worldwide and ensure effective communication.

01 September 2014

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Sykes: Business is calling for English

Learn why SYKES made English a priority and set proficiency requirements for recruitment and employee development.

01 May 2014

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Explore the Impact of English Proficiency on Global Business

Introduction videos to present impact & benefits of English proficiency on global business.

01 October 2015

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A Student’s Perspective

A young scientist recognizes that knowing English has allowed her to access the vast body of research written in English

01 October 2016

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